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Smokeless Coal - long lasting smokeless fuel

Have you tried smokeless coal? We have the right smokeless fuel for you!

Have you thought about switching to smokeless coal yet? By using smokeless coal in your home, you can expect a number of benefits because our range of smokeless fuel gives a consistently higher heat output than house coal. Smokeless coal will last longer too so you spend less time refuelling your fire - and you're also being kinder to the environment by trying our long lasting smokeless fuel.

Logs2U provides a wide variety of smokeless coal products, so you can be sure to find the right smokeless fuel to suit your specific needs. Whether it's heating your open fire, fuel stove, cooker, heater or boiler, you can be guaranteed to find the best smokeless coal for your home with Logs2U.

Look forward to a smokeless fireplace by simply choosing a smokeless coal from our range below. Whether it's Homefire, Phurnacite or Taybrite, every smokeless coal is manufactured for high performance and is approved for use in smoke free zones. 

Ancit Smokeless Coal - 25kg bag
17 reviews 94% Feefo
Brazier Smokeless Coal from Coals2u
10 reviews 90% Feefo
Ecoal 50 Instant Light - Premium Smokeless Coal
25 reviews 100% Feefo
Ecoal50 Smokeless Coal - 25kg prepacked
Bulk buy
426 reviews 99% Feefo
Homefire Ovals - 25kg prepacked
Bulk buy
626 reviews 99% Feefo
Homefire Smokeless Coal - 25kg Bag
Bulk buy
447 reviews 98% Feefo
Phurnacite Smokeless Coal - 25kg prepacked
Bulk buy
111 reviews 96% Feefo
Stoveheat Premium - 25kg prepacked
193 reviews 97% Feefo
Taybrite - 25kg prepacked
183 reviews 99% Feefo